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New Equipment

Lutz Drum Pumps

The wide variety of fluids and container types/dimensions necessitates an extensive range of different drum pump models. Depending on the requirement, they are available in a variety of materials, equipped with motors adapted to the output requirements for differing voltages as well as pneumatically operated, with the required delivery rate and suitable sealing system. Added to this are pump tubes in varying lengths and a wide range of accessories permitting, for example, adaptation to problem containers or application conditions.

Designed Specifically for:
Drums, Vats, Totes, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), Carboys, Open Vessels up to 10' Deep.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Portable
  • Easy to Install, Operate, Maintain
  • Can Last 20+ Years
  • Safe Alternative to Manual Labor
  • Minimizes Danger of Spills
  • Suitable for Flammable Liquids w/ Ex-Motors
  • Pulsation Free
  • Inherent Flooded Suction
  • Sealless or Mechanical Seal
  • Ex-Motors Available (electric or air)
  • Limited Run Dry Capability