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PRO • pHx Restores Spent Acid & Extends Acid Life Indefinitely!

PRO • pHx Acid Life Extender Restores Spent Acid and Extends The Acid Life Indefinitely.
PRO • pHx Is A Cost Effective Solution For The Majors Issues Associated with Acid Strips, Pickling Acid, Passivation and Activation Baths.

PRO • pHx is a breakthrough technology providing revolutionary results for Electroplaters, Galvanizers, Anodizers, Circuit Board Printers, Gravures and virtually all industry using acid in the manufacturing process.

Treatment of acids with PRO • pHx drops organics, metals and impurities out of Sulfuric, Nitric, Citric, Formic, Hydrochloric (Muriatic), Acid Salts and acid mixtures such as Sulfuric Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. The chemical reaction occurring in the treated acids eliminates organics and encapsulates metals into non-toxic, non-leeching constituents, and thereby allows acids to last indefinitely. Filtration is necessary.

Treating Acids With PRO • pHx Allows Companies to Recapture Operating Capital As Profit While eliminating the environmental issues associated with acid and acid disposal.

Benefits of Treating Acids with PRO • pHx Include:

  • Extending Acid Life Indefinitely
  • Eliminating Costly Disposal Methods
  • Eliminating Organic Buildup in Acid
  • Eliminating Oily Film Buildup in Acid
  • Maintaining Acids At Optimum Effectiveness
  • Requires No Production Down Time
  • Convenient, In-House Treatment
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Requires No Capital Investment
  • Eliminates Environmental Issues Associated With Acid
  • Disposal
  • Odorless, Has No unpleasant Treatment Odor
  • Recaptures Operating Cost As Profit
  • PRO - pHx Eliminates New Makeup Acid Cost By 90%
  • Reduces Filtered Solids By 98%

When PRO • pHx is added to acid in the ratio of 1/2% to 1% to the total acid volume, the treatment drops metals, organics and impurities which build up in the acid during the pickling process out of solution. Filtration removes the impurities from the acid and this "frees up" the remaining available acid, restoring and extending the acid life indefinitely. The only additional acid needed is the small amount of replacement acid ("Acid Spike") necessary to replace the acid lost during production drag out and evaporation.

PRO • pHx Provides a First Generation Answer for the High Cost of Acid and Acid Disposal.

PRO • pHx Is Inorganic, Odorless And Has No Fumes Or Outgassing.
Meets OSHA-20 Non - Hazardous Specifications.